Here’s what went down at Sneaker Con SEA 2023

Here’s what went down at Sneaker Con SEA 2023

That’s a wrap for Sneaker Con SEA 2023! The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth, Sneaker Con SEA, has once again graced Singapore with its presence, bringing the best of street culture to our shores. With over 40 events held worldwide and a whopping one million attendees, Sneaker Con is no small feat.

But wait, there's more! This event isn’t just for sneakerheads. Hypebeasts, got their hands on exclusive tees and collectibles specially curated for Sneaker Con in collaboration with BLAXK by ActionCity x Distort Monsters, a talented urban artist, hailing from the Philippines. With live art and meet & greet sessions with the artist, it was truly an action-packed weekend!

Sneaker Con Exclusives

From Left to Right: Monster Head - BLAXK Exclusive, Hello Monster - BLAXK Exclusive, Monster Head - Teal, Blue and Green

Say Hello to Hello Monster! One of the exciting moments was the unveiling of Hello Monster. This new hand-painted toy sculpt by Distort Monsters will have you grinning from ear to ear with its cheeky welcoming mood and vibrant turquoise and pink colour scheme. And let's not forget the BLAXK Exclusive Monster Head that also made an appearance, adding to the already electrifying atmosphere.

Some of our iconic Monster Head figures also sneaked out of BLAXK and joined Hello Monster in its invasion!

Skate Deck - Creeper, Butt Monster, Patches, Socket, Slimeball, Hello

Join us to level up your skate park game with these cheeky monsters! The rich images and street graffiti styles are drawn on all skate decks. Besides the original artworks, we also had some super dope merch like apparel, tote bags, and caps, all available for purchase. We just can't get enough of the quirky designs!

Did you manage to catch all the Distort Monsters art pieces last weekend?


Introducing our artist - Miguel Antonio

Who is this artist behind the madness? Heavily influenced by punk rock and skateboarding aspects, Miguel Antonio, better known as Distort Monsters, is a street artist well recognised for his vibrant characters with striking outlines and multilinear textures. His creations are frequently narrative and introspective and his monsters serve as a symbolic depiction of his conscience.

Distort Monsters uses art as an outlet to express himself, transferring his emotions onto canvas and walls. The artist found comfort in creating these quirky monsters, calmed by the repetitive motion of painting detailed linework.


Live Art and Meet & Greet

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an artwork? Watch how Distort Monsters’ creation came “alive” at our booth as he drew and experimented with various techniques!

The grand finale of Sneaker Con SEA had fans buzzing with excitement as they got up close and personal with Distort Monsters - a Meet & Greet that left them on cloud nine!

For those lucky enough to have snagged some Distort Monsters merchandise, give yourself a pat on the back - as most of them are now sold out! But fear not and stay tuned for something even more exciting to come. Sneaker Con SEA, we can't wait to see you again next year!