“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” — Pablo Picasso.

In an age where success is commonly defined by our wealth and social status, it is not easy to remain true to our calling as we grow up, let alone giving up a successful business to pursue art.

That is exactly what Lesdoublewood did.


About Lesdoublewood and his signature creation Jelilo

Lesdoublewood is a well-established name in the local creative industry, spanning a decade of award-winning career in the advertising field before giving up his successful business to make the courageous leap into focusing on his one true calling – art and toy design.

“I fell in love with drawing the moment I was able to hold a pen. I discovered painting not long after that and have been exploring the medium ever since.” — Lesdoublewood

As the exhibition title Coming Full Circle suggests, Lesdoublewood has come full circle in his career where he has returned to his first love – art. From a humble vintage movie poster painter, to running a successful design agency, to his daring venture into the art toy world, Lesdoublewood’s creative journey is nothing short of inspiring, and he is finally seeing his dream come true with the launch of his jellyfish-fighter creation – Jelilo.


Beneath the ocean's waves, past the sunlit teeming waters near the surface, down to a place where the pressure would crush a human, lives a bloom of tiny jellyfishes – Jelilo, always in fear of the bigger mysterious predators around them.

These attacks from predators have deprived the Jelilo tribe of having the freedom to explore the ocean. However, on one of the rare nights when they were out scouring for food, something shiny caught their eye. They saw a pile of discarded military suits. Since jellyfish are made up of 95% water, it was not difficult for them to fit into these suits.

Summoning their courage, the Jelilo tribe put on the armour, which are still operating in perfect conditions to their amazement. A blinding white light flashed over them. They realised that their destiny has changed forever, as they did not have to fear anymore.

Cinematic Art by @lesdoublewood


Jelilo was borne of the creator’s love for jellyfish and dislike of bullies.

From a dot in Lesdoublewood’s imagination, the irrepressibly charming and inspiring Jelilo was borne of the creator’s love for jellyfish and dislike of bullies. Jelilo’s perfectly arranged tentacles blossom like the petals of a sunflower, while his inquisitive expression peeks through his rivetted hull, alluding to a story behind that tough exterior.

The story of Jelilo sends out the powerful message that we can be bigger than our fears. It mirrors the life journey of Lesdoublewood who rose from a struggling graphic artist to a multi-award-winning Creative Director and self-starter entrepreneur, and eventually plucked up the courage to leave it all behind to answer his true calling.

“Art gives me strength to address issues close to heart, inspiring the creation of Jelilo to share positive messages to victims of bully. Jelilo gives me the platform to show that when the weak stay together, they are strong. In real life context, the armour adorned by Jelilo further represents victims’ confidence to confront everyday challenges in real life brought by bullies. Jelilo is the perfect mascot of me – the darker the ocean becomes, the brighter a jellyfish will glow.” - Lesdoublewood


Jelilo as an Art Toy

As an art toy, Jelilo became a reality in 2019 when Lesdoublewood connected with Hong Kong-based art toy manufacturer ZCWO to produce the first figures. Since then, more than 10 designs of Jelilo have been released to the market, with each variant being consistently sought after by collectors.

To many of these fans, Jelilo is a relatable symbol of hope and courage for people seeking to break out of their trapped existence and overcome the odds to fulfil their true destiny.


About the Coming Full Circle exhibition

Lesdoublewood’s signature Jelilo art as giant glass mural


Starting with the prominent front-facing storefront’s giant glass mural designed by Lesdoublewood, the pop-art focus of this exhibition is also highlighted by fourteen large-scale original art paintings from Lesdoublewood. Beyond just canvas, these flatworks feature various medium including wood, acrylic and metal-cut pieces, highlighting the artist’s versatility.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the dreamy aquatic world of Jelilo in BLAXK by ActionCity, as the gallery transform into a magical environment with surreal marine elements, drawing inspiration and energy from the endearing yet edgy Jelilo.


The exhibition marks a significant milestone of Lesdoublewood’s creative career, celebrating the art world of Jelilo through launching his inaugural art book, The Art of Jelilo as well as event- exclusive Jelilo F22 Squadron collectible - which fans and collectors have been anxiously waiting for with abated breath.


Heroes of the exhibition: Event-Exclusive Jelilo F22 Squadron


Lesdoublewood partners with BLAXK by ActionCity to release an exclusive and limited edition Jelilo F22 Squadron collectible in a rare colourway. Only 100 pieces worldwide.


Lesdoublewood’s Inaugural Artbook - The Art of Jelilo

Lesdoublewood’s tribute book, which debuts at the exhibition, narrates the story of the creator’s journey as an artist and celebrates his collaboration with BLAXK by ActionCity. The book also invites readers to the world of Jelilo, introducing the different contingencies of the Squadron and their allies. Full of images, sketches, colours and inspiring nuggets, it is a veritable showcase of the application of Lesdoublewood’s artistic skills and creative thinking to various mediums.


Showcase of previous Jelilo art toy releases

Another key highlight of the exhibition will be the complete collection showcase of previous Jelilo art toy releases, as well as upcoming editions yet to be revealed to the market. Be among the first to meet new characters such as lobster Rooobo and sea snail Bobosa, as these prototype figures will be unveiled for the very first time at the event – expanding the marine world of Jelilo beyond the eponymous jellyfish. 


Coming Full Circle opens to public on Sat, 16 July 2022

Whether you are fans of Lesdoublewood, art toy collectors or ocean lovers, this is an exhibition not to be missed. In the upcoming weeks, there will be Meet-The-Artist session and Live Art showcase. Follow BLAXK by ActionCity @theblaxkspace and @lesdoublewood on Instagram and Facebook for more updates and upcoming drop announcement.


Coming Full Circle Exhibition by Lesdoublewood x BLAXK by ActionCity

Open to public from Saturday, 16 July 2022 to Sunday, 11 Sept 2022

BLAXK by ActionCity, Funan, #01-03