Calling all art toy enthusiasts, you wouldn't want to miss out on this collaboration between Jessica Emmett and BLAXK by ActionCity! This exhibition presents both local and international artists coming together to celebrate Jessica’s works through creating their custom Eemo Cloud pieces. What's more special about this exhibition is that the artist works with Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and contributes parts of the proceeds from the event-exclusive Eemo Cloud figures in support of the organization's cause. 


Being Jessica's debut exhibition, art toy enthusiasts can expect to see her artistic journey through various creations over the years and portfolio of works in both 2D and 3D, with the iconic Eemo Cloud. 

Created in 2020, Eemo Cloud features a depressed but hopeful cloud releasing a downpour, as a visual metaphor for feelings and emotions associated with depression. While it can be seen as a poignant reflection of the increasing mental health issues within society during this period, Eemo Cloud also serves as a hope for a sunnier tomorrow despite the current trying times. The double Es stand for ‘extra emo’ and serve as a symbol of the artist’s reflective mood during the pandemic.

As Jessica explains, “I developed Eemo Cloud as the pandemic was unfolding. While the character was based on my own experience with depression, Eemo Cloud quickly embodied much more given how many people have and continue to struggle with mental health. I think it is vital to destigmatise mental health, and art is a great way to start important conversations like mental health awareness. I really appreciate that people have opened their hearts to this little raincloud, and I'm happy to grow Eemo Cloud together with BLAXK by ActionCity as the key uplifting theme for this debut exhibition and on mental health issues.”

The exhibition will see BLAXK transformed into an immersive world, from a signature exterior mural designed by Jessica, to the 2D and 3D works, including key archival pieces like Texture Monster (2016), Texture Monster – Flora (2017), Unicorn (2017), Texture Monster Minis (2018), Merlion (2018), Manticore (2018), Lleafi (2019), Draffi (2019), Dip Dipz – Simply Toys (2019), Kattessy (2020), Trisheepi (2020), Monosheepi (2020), Knotanxi (2020) and Oxenlox (2021).

Show Your Eemo will also see the launch of three latest art toy creations by Jessica – Spider Bear (2022), Texture Monster – Break (2022) and Centaur - Merry Go Round x Jessica Emmett (2022).

Collectors can get their hands on the highly collectible hand-painted Eemo Cloud figures – available in 3” and 6” in limited quantities, specially produced by BLAXK in commemoration of the exhibition and will only be available for sale as event-exclusives at the gallery.

Engaging the community

To show support for Jessica’s works, 19 talented local and international artists also custom created the Eemo Cloud figures by using a blank 3D mold of the Eemo Cloud figures and drawing inspiration from their own relatability with mental health topics. Each artist has created a custom artwork of their own design in their signature style in 2D and 3D formats. This custom show highlights the versatility of Eemo Cloud, while addressing larger social themes like inclusivity, mental health and wellness.

The one-of-a-kind custom pieces will be available for sale through a blind bid system via an online form. Interested collectors can submit their interest online from Monday, 28 March 2022, and successful bids will be announced on Sunday, 3 April 2022. More details will be announced on BLAXK’s and Jessica Emmett’s social media pages.

Supporting mental health in Singapore

With mental health as the driving theme behind this exhibition, Show Your Eemo is proud to support Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) as the key non-profit beneficiary. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the event-exclusive Eemo Cloud figures and one-of-a-kind pieces will go towards the organisation, in support of their commitment towards helping those who struggle with their mental health issues.

Beyond proceeds from sales, Jessica will be hosting workshops for SAMH’s Creative MINDSET Hub, which uses art, writing, music and dance as a form of therapy for participants to explore and express their feelings. During these workshops at BLAXK, participants will be able to learn the creative process of art toy design and customise their own Eemo Cloud figure.

Said Jane Goh, Senior Assistant Director of SAMH Creative Services, “Over the last ten years, SAMH Creative Services is thankful for opportunities for partnerships, advocacy, and engagement to continue the important work that we do for the community. We are excited and grateful for this new partnership with ActionCity and Jessica Emmett, to bring forth mental health awareness using pop culture and art. We believe Jessica’s personal and artistic journey will be an inspiration to others. SAMH looks forward to this first engagement in March 2022 with ActionCity.”

Eemo Cloud Merchandise

Be it a pop-culture lover or art toy enthusiasts, take home these exclusive merchandises designed by the artist featuring the iconic Eemo Cloud figures. 

Mark down the dates in your calendar. Don't sleep on this meaningful exhibition and extensive art toy collection!



BLAXK x Jessica Emmett 

Exhibitions opens to public from 12 Mar

BLAXK by ActionCity Funan