Special bundles and deals only at Sneaker Con 2023

Special bundles and deals only at Sneaker Con 2023

Have you gotten your hands on the tickets for Sneaker Con 2023? If so, do expect exciting deals and activities that will be happening at Sneaker Con 2023. Get ready to snatch some good deals and go home with your hands full!

Sneaker Con Deals

Get ready to expand your collection of BE@RBRICKs as you shop for selected BE@RBRICKs that are going for $699.90 (U.P. from $799.90 to $1,499.90) at Sneaker Con 2023.

Calling all outdoor and BE@RBRICK lovers! You wouldn't want to sleep on this bundle that features the KAWS camping set and Oasis White Chrome BE@RBRICK 1000% at $1,499.90 (U.P. $2,999.90)!

In addition, to Warner Bros fans, you can expect to get your hands on the R@BRRICK Bugs Bunny at $88 only!

These are just the tip of the iceberg! With any purchase of BE@RBRICK Series 44 & 45, redeem a $2 online voucher* and stand a chance to win a tokidoki BE@RBRICK 1000% (Electric Tiger)* worth ($1,499.90).

What are you waiting for? Make some space for these collectible toys coming your way!

*T&Cs apply. The online voucher will be sent via email 7 working days after submission.