Tobyato Tiger Tro(u)pe Exhibition

Tobyato Tiger Tro(u)pe Exhibition

In celebration for the Year of Tiger, tobyato join hands with BLAXK by ActionCity to launch a special exhibition dedicated to fresh forms of art inspired by Tiger. The artist produced a series of works that responds to various pop culture tiger references from "Paper Tiger" to "Eye of the Tiger", featuring the largest glass mural on the facade of BLAXK gallery, hand-painted skateboard decks and wooden panel cut-outs. 

Immerse yourself in the exhibition and watch how tobyato's creations comes "alive" at the space. Don't miss out the merchandise designed by the artist, get your hands on these cool merchandise today!

Take a look back during the live painting session held by the homegrown mural artist and designer, tobyato!


Tobyato Tiger Tro(u)pe

BLAXK x tobyato

Exhibitions opens to public from 18 Feb

BLAXK by ActionCity Funan