AC Membership

What is AC Membership?

AC Memberships are a way to reward our loyal customers with additional benefits such as:

  • Access to product launches and pre orders
  • Special Invites to in-store events & promotions
  • Access to the AC Points system
  • Access to the Brand Passport system

How do i become an AC Member?

To become an AC Member simply download the AC Mobile App and Register.

  • iOS download
  • Google Playstore download

What are the AC Membership tiers?

There are 3 AC Membership tiers, Bronze, Silver & Gold

**Limited time access
*Applicable to all purchases from Retail, Online & AC Mobile App

*Only 1 AC Point Bonus maybe applied per item purchased, if you have a higher points bonus from another promotion the higher of the two points bonus will be taken.

    What is the AC Points System?
    How do i earn AC Points?

    The AC Points system awards customers AC Points for every dollar spent at any ActionCity retail outlet (Locations), Online Store or AC Mobile App.

    AC Points will be rounded down to the nearest dollar spent per item.

    AC Points spending will not count towards Brand Passport tier spending.

    Based on your Membership Tier, Brand Passport or any prevailing promotions you may gain AC Points multipliers which will increase your AC Points earning by up to 10 times!

    To earn points at retail

    • Install AC Mobile App
    • Register
    • Click on In-store and show your QR code when making a purchase

    To earn points through our Online Store

    • Use the same email address registered to your AC Mobile App account

    To earn point through the AC Mobile App

    • All purchases made through the AC Mobile App will automatically gain points to your AC Account

    How do i spend my AC Points?

    • AC Points can currently ONLY be spent on the AC Mobile App
    • Points can be used at a rate to 100 points to $1 to offset your purchases

    Will my AC Points expire?

    No, there is no expiration dates on AC Points

    What are Brand Passports?

    ActionCity has identified 4 key brands which our customers love to collect!

    BE@RBRICK, POPMART, Hot Toys & tokidoki. To further incentivize fans of these specific brands we have created the Brand Passports.

    By progressing your passport levels fans of their respective brands will be rewarded with:

    • Exclusive early access to brand specific product launches and pre orders
    • Up to 10x AC Points bonus for purchases of your favourite brand!

    How do i progress my brand passport?

    Any spending across Retail, Online & AC Mobile App for a specific brand will contribute to your Brand Passport. Your brand passport 

    *Limited time access

    How do i check my Membership Tier, AC Points & Brand Passports?

    • Download the AC Mobile App

    • Register 

    • View the information from the Accounts tab from the bottom menu

    Will my AC Membership Tier & Brand Passports Expire?

    Both AC Membership Tier & Brand Passports are calculated based on you transactions in the last 365 days.

    Will shipping costs go towards my Membership Points?
    No you will not be able to earn any points for shipping costs.