General FAQ

Are the products sold at ActionCity genuine?

We work directly with the suppliers of the brands we carry to receive the products. Hence, please be rest assured that all the products that we sell are genuine.


How can I know if ActionCity carries a specific product/series?

You can search for a product online via the search box at our online store or approach our friendly retail staff to enquiry about the product of your interest.


Are all products at the retail stores available on the online store and vice versa?

At the moment, not all products are distributed equally between our retail stores and online store, hence there might be products at the retail store that are not available online, and vice versa.

However, please feel free to approach our friendly retail staff to enquiry about the product of your interest and we will be able to check on its availability.

You can also search for the availability of a product via the search box at our online store.


Will the product be restocked and how can I be updated about it?

We do restock certain products and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. Turn on the post notification for Instagram to make sure that you don’t miss out on any information!


What is a blind box?

Blind box refers to the type of sealed packaging that keeps a variation of the content a mystery until it is opened. They typically come in a Series that are made up of a variety of different figures / designs that are usually depicted on the side of the box listed along with its rarity. There are also secret or chaser pieces which are the rarest.


Am I allowed to exchange for another blind box or order if I do not get the design I want / have a duplicate?

All purchases are strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable.