COSB708 - Joker Cosbaby (S) - ActionCity
COSB708 - Joker Cosbaby (S) - ActionCity
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COSB708 - Joker Cosbaby (S)

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‘Don't interrupt! I'm trying to fathom the sub-conscience of a deadly criminal!’ – Batman

The Batman live action series inspired by the DC comic book character of the same title, has delighted audiences and for several generations. Based on the 1960’s era Batman Classic TV Series, Hot Toys is very excited to introduce fans with our latest Cosbaby capturing the early appearances of the crime fighting heroes and a variety of arch villains.

Taken inspiration from the opening scene, where Batman and Robin are running at the camera, the newly debuted Cosbaby presents The Joker in his signature purple suit.

Square off the famous Batman and Robin against their most memorable foes!

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