COSB790 - Deadpool 2 - Juggernaut Cosbaby (S)
COSB790 - Deadpool 2 - Juggernaut Cosbaby (S)
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COSB790 - Deadpool 2 - Juggernaut Cosbaby (S)

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【Deadpool 2 - Cosbaby Bobble Head Series】

Here comes Deadpool! The chimichanga and pancake loving superhero is ready to break through any obstacle, including the fourth wall. Based on the Deadpool 2 movie, Hot Toys is presenting a new wave of Cosbaby, featuring Deadpool with Pool Float, Cable, and Juggernaut Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head. Each Cosbaby stands approximately 9.5 – 11.5cm in height with bobble-head function.

There are multiple various designs in this brand new Cosbaby series.

As summer rolls in, Merc with a Mouth is planning to cool off the hot summer days on the fun white swan pool float; Cable the super soldier with cybernetic eye and robotic arm, has a teddy bear hanging from his belt, is wielding the iconic pistol; the muscular Juggernaut in yellow prison jumpsuit and helmet will be delivering some devastating headbutts and punches while fighting a merc.

Begin your Deadpool collection with the new Cosbaby!

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