COSB792 - Logan & X-23 Cosbaby (S) Set
COSB792 - Logan & X-23 Cosbaby (S) Set
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COSB792 - Logan & X-23 Cosbaby (S) Set

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Laura is the best there is at what she does, and she gets it from her dad’s side! Inspired by the movie Logan, Hot Toys is delighted to introduce the Logan & X-23 Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head Collectible Set adding onto the exciting X-Men Cosbaby series. Each collectible stands approximately 5 – 10cm tall with bobble head design and themed figure base.

Laura Kinney with regenerative healing factor, also known as X-23, is fighting alongside Wolverine for the fate of mutantkind, and her deadly adamantium claws emerge as she leaps into action; Logan struggles to defend the young mutant with his superhuman senses and impressive skills using his razor edged weapons.

This Cosbaby set will make a great addition to your new mutant display!

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