COSB924 Sersi Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
COSB924 Sersi Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
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COSB924 Sersi Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head

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“Throughout the years we have never interfered, until now.” An exciting new team of superheroes is joining the MCU and making their debut in the upcoming Eternals. The immortal heroes have been sent to protect planet Earth and watch over the human race for over 7,000 years. Dedicated to Marvel Studios’ Eternals, Hot Toys proudly presents a new Cosbaby line-up that features the leading characters, including Thena, and Gilgamesh with specially applied luminous reflective effects; Ikaris, Sersi Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head. Each Cosbaby collectible measures approximately 10 - 11cm tall with bobble-head design.

The Eternals Cosbaby has recreated the newly introduced teammates in their signature costumes and poses. Features Ikaris using his power in the mid-air; the fierce warrior Thena and weapon coated with luminous reflective effect; the humankind-loving Sersi wielding her gear; also Gilgamesh punching out his powerful fist specially applied with a luminous reflective coating.

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Special Features:
- Eternals characters in stylized Cosbaby form Approximately 10 - 11cm tall
- “Thena Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head” contains specially applied luminous reflective coating on weapon
- “Gilgamesh Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head” contains specially applied luminous reflective coating on fist
- Non-articulated figure with bobble-head design