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[Hot Toys] Molly Harley Quinn (AMC026) - ActionCity Singapore

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[Hot Toys] Molly Harley Quinn (AMC026)


[ Official Seller - ActionCity Singapore ]

100% New Authentic Hot Toys with original box. (Limited Edition)
Molly is embodying a confident, independent, and courageous everygirl who has become the signature creation of Kenny Wong, the graphic designer and illustrator from Hong Kong.

Inspired by fabulous combination of pastel colors that gain their soft glow from the white added to the bold parents, the latest Artist Mix Figure stands approximately 23cm in height and features the adorable girl character “Molly” dresses in Harley Quinn’s jumpsuit painted in pink and blue which goes hand-in-hand together, sitting on a Jack-in-the-box gripping the oversized mallet. Kennyswork’s distinctive art style has unintentional blended cohesive colors element that implies sweetness and innocence with Mr. J’s favorite girl perfectly.

Product code: AMC026

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