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Introducing the latest tokidoki denim tote bag, a thoughtful gift for the ones you cherish  

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Note: In general, you should never machine wash your jeans and denim. Also, many people believe that the longer you can go without washing them, the more beautiful your jeans and denim will become.

If you absolutely must wash it, here are some tips.

- Turn it inside out
This will help to protect the print as well as give the denim a more even fade.

- Do not mix
All denim bleeds, even pre-washed ones like our tokidoki tote bags. Care needs to be taken to prevent the colours from running onto your lighter colour clothes etc.

- Use cold or lukewarm water
Hand wash your denim with cold or lukewarm water. This is a much gentler experience for the fibres and will help to cut back on wear and tear.

- Add a mild detergent or some magic
Use a mild detergent and wait for it to dissolve before putting your denim in. Alternatively, you can also just use 1 cup of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt, this magic potion is believed by enthusiasts to help the indigo stay in the fabric better.

- 45 minutes should do it
Submerge the denim tote bag fully. Push out all the bubbles so it doesn't float. If need to, use something heavy to hold it down. Allow it to soak in the water for 45 minutes while you go enjoy a cup of hot cappuccino.

- Triple rinse
For best results, refill and drain the bath three times with clean water. The first round will get rid of the dirt, the second will get rid of the grime, and the third is just to be sure.

- Don’t wring them
There is always a temptation to take your wet denim and wring them. Don’t. It will twist and break down the fibres. Just roll them up and press firmly on them to release water.

- Drying them
Hang them up near the windows and let them drip dry. You might want to place a mat or some towels/newspapers beneath to catch the drip. Let the wind help you but avoid direct sunlight.

- Ironing them
Always iron denim inside out. Set your iron to a high heat (cotton) setting with steam. Always place a tea towel between the iron and your denim.

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