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Brand Benefits

Membership benefits

AC Memberships are a way to reward our loyal customers with additional benefits. Such as access to product launches and pre orders, special Invites to in-store events & promotions.

Unlock Brand Specific tiers and Benefits

ActionCity has identified 4 key brands which our customers love to collect - BE@RBRICK, POPMART, Hot Toys & tokidoki! To further incentivize fans of these specific brands we have created the Brand Passports. By progressing your passport levels fans of their respective brands will be rewarded with exclusive early access to brand specific product launches and pre orders and even up to 10x AC Points bonus for purchases of your favourite brand!

Collect AC Points easily

The AC Points system awards customers AC Points for every dollar spent at any ActionCity retail outlet (Locations), Online Store or AC Mobile App. AC Points will be rounded down to the nearest dollar spent per item. Based on your Membership Tier, Brand Passport or any prevailing promotions you may gain AC Points multipliers which will increase your AC Points earning by up to 10 times!

Access exclusive releases and

Before your exclusive collectibles arrive at the retail stores, ActionCity provides an opportunity for fans to have an early access to purchase them through pre-orders on the ActionCity mobile app. Pre-orders are usually done weeks to months in advance and at limited quantities.

Track your purchases

Keeping track of your purchases from retail, and the mobile app is now a breeze. View all your purchases from 'My Orders'.

Build your portfolio

Up your game and watch your portfolio grow as your collection expands!

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