Chi-Chan and Kuma Figure Set
Chi-Chan and Kuma Figure Set

Chi-Chan and Kuma Figure Set

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Please give a warm welcome to CHI-CHAN and KUMA as they join the SHO-CHAN Figure family as its newest members!

CHI-CHAN and KUMA are presented in a set, with CHI-CHAN standing at approximately 9cm tall and KUMA at about 13cm tall. Their delicate sizes allowing you to easily handle these adorable characters and take them on adventures wherever you go.

Whether it's CHI-CHAN or KUMA, each character is meticulously crafted to replicate their appearance and every intricate detail. From their unique outfits to their charming expressions, every detail is carefully made to ensure the utmost charm and authenticity of the characters.

This figure set is not only perfect for collectors but also an excellent gift choice. Whether kept for personal collection or given to family and friends, this set is sure to bring endless joy and surprise.


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