COSB1052 - Justice League: Superman Cosbaby (S)

COSB1052 - Justice League: Superman Cosbaby (S)

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There are many iconic Superman in history, and the Justice League Superman is definitely one of fans’ favorite. In order to secure the Superman charm, Hot Toys is turning him into a miniature collectible that measures approximately 11.5cm tall.

What comes into your mind when you hear the word Superman? A brightly-looking person wearing his signature red and blue suit or a superhero wearing a cape floating in the air? Or simply the letter S on his chest? The Superman Cosbaby (S) features whatever you need in a Superman!

Bring home the Justice League Superman to capture his irresistible charisma with this Superman Cosbaby (S) today.

Justice League – Superman Cosbaby (S) Special Features:
- Justice League character in stylized Cosbaby form
- Approximately 11.5cm tall
- Non-articulated figureately 12.5 cm tall
- Non-articulated figure

Terms and Conditions :
1) ActionCity/Big Box International Pte Ltd will not be liable for any defects on the product or packaging box.

2) No refund or exchange will be entertained except in the case of broken or missing parts.