Game On Global Tour by Edgar Plans, Where Art Meets Basketball, Now in Singapore!

Game On Global Tour by Edgar Plans, Where Art Meets Basketball, Now in Singapore!

Calling all contemporary art enthusiasts and basketball aficionados! Prepare to be amazed as the Game On Global Tour by Edgar Plans, renowned for his signature sculptures inspired by iconic NBA players, has made its way to Singapore. This extraordinary exhibition offers a unique opportunity to witness Plans' signature artworks alongside exclusive limited edition collectibles, crafted in collaboration with the NBA.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Game On at Funan, where art and basketball intertwine. Bringing a concept similar to the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong, Art with Love brings this novel “Museum-Retail” concept to Singapore, integrating the retail experience with internationally celebrated artist Plans’ art. Embark on a journey through Plans' expansive collection of sculptures and paintings, showcasing his unrivaled creativity and passion. 

Edgar Plans, the superstar who blends art with basketball

Edgar Plans, a superstar in the global art scene in the last decade, his multidisciplinary works recall the styles of a range of artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Paul Klee, Keith Haring, and even Takashi Murakami. Known globally for his graffiti style artwork and contemporary take on socio-political issues through his medium of superheroes, married with a palette of vibrant colours and doodle aesthetics.

Edgar Plans’ artwork has been showcased widely across Europe and Asia in various major museums, galleries and auction houses across the globe, highlighting his ever increasing popularity and cultural relevancy.

Internationally renowned for his “Animal Heroes” series

Internationally renowned for his “Animal Heroes” series, Plans draws his audience into a fantastical world filled with distinct, mouse-eared protagonists in irresistibly adorable costumes. With their disproportionately large heads, and large expressive eyes, these heroes exude an air of whimsical exuberance and optimism in the face of problems.

GAME ON Exhibition by Edgar Plans

Game on exhibition is presented by international art creative agency Art with Love, in partnership with BLAXK by ActionCity, co-organised by global creative art studio Coexist (also known as CE Lab) and European contemporary art organisation MishaMade. 

Stepping into a street basketball-inspired wonderland, visitors in Singapore can look forward to larger-than-life sculptures and Lil’ Heroes representing the NBA and NBA players across different eras. Snap pictures with Plans’ jaw dropping sculptures as they make their way around Funan, with five giant sculptures and art pieces inspired by basketball superstars such as Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant being installed throughout the mall. With installations designed inspired by the basketball court, the vividly coloured, visually stunning 2.5-metre-tall ‘Lil’ Heroes’ are modelled in ‘fight-or-flight’ poses, paying tribute to the NBA players they are modelled upon and the glorious game of basketball.

Singapore-exclusive FLYMAN 23 Collectible

Inspired by one of the greatest basketball players of all time in the truly iconic Chicago Bulls jersey, the Singapore-exclusive Flyman 23 collectible is one you can’t miss! This series of collectibles are collected by top celebrities and art toy collectors. Previous collections were sold out within weeks after launching. The highly-coveted Flyman 23 collectible is limited to only 400 pieces.

Beyond the highly-coveted Flyman 23 sculpture, other limited edition Game On merchandises by Plans will also be available at the exhibition, including accessories and apparels, as well as a specially designed Edgar Plans x Wilson basketball which incorporates the artist’s street graffiti style paintings and sketch lines!

“Game On is a cross-border integration of art, games, sports and music, creating a field where contemporary culture and young generations collide.” - Michelle Yu, Founder of Art with Love.

Bridging the worlds of traditional art and entertainment, Plans’ cute style of art, which is humorous and whimsical, has a magical way of drawing people in. This exhibition was born out of a desire to bring collectible artworks by top international artists to people in Singapore and the region, fostering the growth and appreciation of contemporary art in a fun, accessible and relatable manner.

Don’t miss this chance to grab some limited edition Game On merchandises by Plans, including accessories and apparels. Bring on your best too, there are plenty of insta-worthy spots for photo opportunities. 

GAME ON - Edgar Plans Exhibition

Exhibitions opens to public from 25 May 

BLAXK by ActionCity

Funan, #01-03