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  1. How do i begin?
    Simply download the latest mobile app.

     For Apple users, just update your app in Apple Store!

    For Android users, simply download the new app when you search for "ActionCity" on the Google play store.

    After installing the app for both users, just click on 'Forget Password' and use your existing mobile app's e-mail ID. Reset your password from there and you're good to go!

    Fret not because your existing transactions and balance AC points will be reflected as well :)
  2. Whats New?
    The biggest difference for the new ActionCity mobile app is its focus on your fan favourite brands and rewarding you with bonus AC Points based on your favourite brand purchases.

    You can also get AC points directly from our physical stores, as well as from our Online Store and In App purchases, and guess what?

    You can also purchase in stock items now too!
  3. In Stock Purchases now available!
    You can now spend your AC Points on in stock items too!

    Rest assured that if you purchase an In Stock item together with a Pre Order item, we will be fulfilling your instock item first  :)

    Feel free to contact our Customer Service team for any queries!