COSB1050 - The Flash: Batman (The Gotham Guardian) Cosbaby (S)
COSB1050 - The Flash: Batman (The Gotham Guardian) Cosbaby (S)

COSB1050 - The Flash: Batman (The Gotham Guardian) Cosbaby (S)

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How many Batsuits do you need? Yes.

While we are all excited to see the Batman’s armory hall in The Flash movie, Hot Toys presents to you Batman Cosbaby (S) in three different suits inspired by The Flash. Each Cosbaby measures approximately 12.5 cm tall.

In this series of Cosbaby (S), we first have Batman in Arctic Suit features an ice axe on his hand, a snow goggles to protect his vision and rope hanging on his waist to help him climb up the ice. When it comes to extreme arctic conditions, this Arctic suit allows Batman to still fight against any kinds of villain. Then as The Gotham Guardian, the suit in black and gold color scheme has already stroke an instant terror. Different from the original cape, the magnificent wings help Batman to glide through the sky. Featuring a rough surfaced Bat cowl, The Caped Crusader stands out with its one of a kind design. Two pistols are placed under his both arms and ready to be used against criminals.

Get yourself the Dark Knight in his three newly-revealed suits with Batman Cosbaby (S) series today!

Special Features:
- The Flash characters in stylized Cosbaby form
- Measures approximately 12.5 cm tall
- Non-articulated figure

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2) No refund or exchange will be entertained except in the case of broken or missing parts.