Pigeon in Flight by Jeff Staple
Pigeon in Flight by Jeff Staple
Pigeon in Flight by Jeff Staple
Pigeon in Flight by Jeff Staple

Pigeon in Flight by Jeff Staple

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Jeff Staple returns for a new Pigeon in Flight collectible! Sneakers are an essential component of global street fashion and drawing inspiration from sneaker design, STAPLE and Mighty Jaxx capture that essence in an all-new pigeon figure!

Mighty Jaxx is excited to bring this pigeon to life in an exclusive collaboration with Jeff Staple and his STAPLE brand.. Each sneaker inspired element of the pigeon has been lovingly crafted as a homage to a streetwear essential: fresh kicks.

The texture-inspired patterns reference the different materials used in some of the world’s most popular sneakers. Key components in sneaker construction are also alluded to throughout the pigeon’s body—most noticeably shoelaces and grills. See if you can spot any others!

This art toy will definitely turn the heads of both sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts alike!

Size: 8” Vinyl Art Toy

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